55327_girl-writing_mdI’m going to make a confession here. I’m just not the most sociable person in the world. I have a tendency to get absorbed into the stories that run in my head and forget to come up for air. People try to talk to me sometimes, and I’m so entranced by imaginary people and what they’re saying that I can barely hear and interpret actual sound waves coming into my ears.

But, this winter I’ve had a really bad experience with a virus that temporarily killed off the imaginary characters, so I’ve surfaced into the real world and had a look around. I’ve checked out my Twitter account and my Goodreads account, had a look at my Facebook page, and (as you can see) have posted a couple of blogs here. So, what I notice is the number of writers who are out there trying to sell their intellectual property. This is a big change from the old days when the only names you heard in relation to writing was the New York Times Best Seller List.

Of course, I’m sure that in the old days there were plenty of poets who hid their work in a shoe box in the bottom of the closet where their grandchildren discovered it after they died. The difference now is that these aspiring writers have an opportunity to publish it themselves. Or they can find a small press publisher who is newly energized by the lower overhead of electronic media. This is the new paradigm. It has made a huge difference in the writing and publishing industry, and it’s something we’ll all have to get used to.

What used to be private imaginings are now public. Personal storytelling has reemerged as an art form.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on this.